Web page development

Nowadays the presence on the Internet is very important. A well designed web page can lead to the success of your business. We are very aware of that, that is why we take time to figure out what each client really needs.  After that we start developing the web page which, at the end, hast to meet our strict quality standards.

Web pages

A web page is a good investment for your business/brand/product. In combination with social networks like Facebook and Twitter, it will be a great addition in your promotion toolbox. Because we know that good SEO is very important, we will do the basic SEO for free.

Web applications

Do you have an idea for a web application? Application that you will use to manage your customers or something else? The solution is a new web application based on Zend Framework, developed in 5 steps:

  1. step: writing a list of client’s needs
  2. step: sketching the web application wireframes, designing user experience & designing the database
  3. step: developing the web application & coordinating with the client
  4. step: testing the web application, removing bugs & fine tuning
  5. step: maintenance of the web application

Web application development with agile methods is the best way to ensure application meets client’s needs and quality standards.