Today knowledge is very important and appreciated. For that, we prepared interesting seminars. If you are interested in a seminar listed below, contact us on

Seeking information on the Internet

During schooling we acquire basic knowledge needed for further work, but, nowadays, informal education is getting more appreciated than formal. One of the key capabilities is certainly effective seeking information. On this seminar you will discover the reason for seeking information, you will learn where to seek for relevant information and how to use search engines such as or Google in a more advanced way.

Advanced use of Gmail

After many years of development the web input of Gmail has become very advanced. In this seminar you will learn how to arrange emails effectively and how to use advanced functions of Gmail. After this seminar you will be able to process your emails faster than you did before.

The pitfalls of the Internet

The Internet is very useful. We use it for education matters, to keep in touch with friends, to sell things, etc. Although there are many positive things in using it, we should still be careful because you never know when you will walk in a trap.

In this seminar you will get acquainted with the most frequent pitfalls and you will also learn how to avoid them.

Appropriate manners on the Internet

Nowadays, we make many deals by the Internet and emails. When using them we must consider some basic rules of how to behave and write.

Basic orthography and grammar for businesses

First impression when getting a new costumer definitely counts. One of the ways to create a good impression is a grammatically correct text. We prepared this seminar to teach you the basic rules of the Slovene orthography and grammar.

Basic HTML for editing a web page

In this seminar you will learn the basic things about HTML so you will be able to edit your web page by yourself. We will also show you a more advanced HTML editing.