Email & Google Apps Setup

First impression, especially when doing business, is very important.That is why, we offer you the setup of emails matching the company’s domain with using Google Apps. Such emails give a certain amount of professionalism. Moreover, they simplify the work, because you can create an email for a group of employees, so that they do not need to search through all the received emails.

The system of such emails is based on Google Apps. This is a great advantage because Gmail is widespread among users and it is very simple to use. To top it all, in the package we offer there are many other services included which will simplify your work.

Google Mail

Some basic facts about emails matching with domain names are stated in the first part, but there are also other things other email providers do not offer.

Google is known for the advanced search which can also be used for searching through your email. There is 10 GB of free storage available for your emails and if the storage runs out, there is a possibility to buy more space at low prices.

Google Mail has a very advanced filter for spam. Consequently, this feature will save you time when sorting your emails. It also enables creating your own filters (your emails are then sorted into different folders). There are different ways to access to your email. If you are a bit nostalgic, you can access to your email by using POP3 or IMAP server with your favourite email program (example: Microsoft Outlook). If you want to be more mobile, then the right choice for you is a web interface, because you can check your emails at work, at home, on business trips, basically everywhere where you have access to the Internet. If you want to be even more mobile, you can use Google support, which is a part of Android devices.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar enables you to organize your time with ease. Organizing different meetings has never been easier. You can create an event to which you invite participants. At the same time you can ask them to confirm the participation. You can also share the events on your Google Calendar with others using this application, so that everyone can see on which date the meeting is set.

Google Drive

Here you can create new documents, charts, presentations, etc. With this application you can create a folder on your computer, which synchronizes with the Google server and other people using Google Drive. The main feature is that you can determine who can see and edit documents (you can also see the history of the editing). Google Drive offers you 5 GB of available storage. In case of needing more space, you can buy more space at reasonable prices.

Other services

Google offers many other services, which are constantly being improved. They try to be user friendly as much as it is possible. We believe that these services will be a good use to you and that you will surely not regret the time spent learning on how to use them.

The total price of setting up the package is only 250 €.

* The package is limited to max. 10 users. In case of more users, the price is higher.

* The price does not include VAT.