Watermark RELOADED

This plugin allows you to watermark your uploaded images. You can create watermark with different fonts and apply it to different image sizes (thumbnail, medium, large, fullsize) and positioning the watermark anywhere on the image.

Upgrade to Watermark RELOADED Pro for more watermarking features:

  • watermark opacity
  • image watermark
  • watermark background color
  • text watermark with outline
  • text watermark with variables
  • upload time option to turn off the watermarking
  • many more amazing features


  • PHP5
  • GD extension for PHP
  • FreeType Library


  • Bug fixing (request by: all)
  • Don’t display watermark on images where watermark would overflow image (request by: alex)
  • Watermarking aditional image sizes added by other plugins (request by: twincascos)
  • Watermarking images that were uploaded before plugin was installed (request by: anchy-9, Blogging Junction, Ashkir, Mobile Ground, Nicolas)
  • Image size aware watermark (request by: brohism)
  • Watermark outside picture
  1. Upload watermark-reloaded/ to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to Watermark RELOADED settings and enable watermark on desired image sizes

You can upload additional fonts to /wp-content/plugins/watermark-reloaded/fonts/ folder.

A screenshot of the settings page

An example of watermarked picture with applied above watermark settings

Teaser screenshot of Watermark RELOADED Pro settings page

Plugin doesn’t work …

Please specify debug information like:

  • screenshot of Watermark RELOADED settings
  • any error message output (also check in php error.log file)
  • output of your phpinfo()

Error message says that I don’t have GD extension installed

Contact your hosting provider and ask them to enable GD extension for your host, because without GD extension you won’t be able to watermark your images.

Error message says that I don’t have FreeType Library

Contact your hosting provider and ask them to install FreeType Library on your host, without it you won’t be able to make text watermarks.

Is there any way to watermark previously uploaded images?

No there’s no way to watermark previously uploaded images. I plan to implement this feature in Watermark RELOADED Pro.


  • Initial release


  • Fixed plugin URI
  • Added some more fonts


  • Added PHP 5 dependency check
  • Added GD extension dependency check
  • Added FreeType Library dependency check
  • Rewritten error messages output
  • Added donations link


  • Added color picker for changing text watermark color
  • Added watermark preview
  • Added a little bit of a nagging for donation 🙂


  • Fixed unicode chars bug


  • Fixed “Enable watermark for” checkboxes save bug


  • Fixed “Could not find font” bug
  • Updated donation nagging functionality


  • Added auto-patch for font bug fixed in previous version


  • Bugfix on upgrade to WordPress 3.0


  • Bugfixes and compatibility fixes


  • Some bugfixes
  • Plugin options page credentials update
  • Added dashboard with current watermark settings and preview display


  • Added file type check, because we need to process only image files


  • Testing with new WordPress versions
  • Some bugfixes


  • New WordPress compatibility issues fixed
  • Some bugfixes


  • Fixed version issues

27 thoughts on “Watermark RELOADED

  1. plug in is installed and activated and i set up the settings on the settings page and it is not working. is there something else that i need to do in order to activate it?

    • Can you provide some debug information:

      • settings screenshot
      • any error output
      • error.log contents
      • phpinfo() output

      Send the debug info to our info mail.

  2. There seems to be something wrong. I just installed the plugin, but it does nothing. Uploading new images and inserting them into a new post does not add the watermark. There isn’t an error. Debug doesn’t show anything.

  3. Hi, the plugin was working before, now it’s not. I am not getting any kind of error message. I saw the above message about enabling debug mode, not sure what that is. Is it an easy fix for someone who is not tech savvy? Thanks.

    • Well I can’t say what could be wrong without any debug info. Debug mode is turned on in wp-config.php by switching WP_DEBUG constant form false to true.

      You can try enabling debug mode, checking error.log or maybe for a start you can just send me a screenshot of settings page.

  4. Hi, I’m trying to get the plugin to work but nothing has happened since i configured it. I enabled debug mode as you suggested and heres the error message i get:

    Notice: Undefined index: watermark_installed in /home/content/10/9363310/html/art/wp-content/plugins/watermark-reloaded/watermark-reloaded.php on line 62

    Notice: Undefined index: watermark_installed in /home/content/10/9363310/html/art/wp-content/plugins/watermark-reloaded/watermark-reloaded.php on line 65

    Thanks for the help

  5. Nada, zip, zilch. Put on a test page on my wordpress. I filled in settings.I uploaded picture onto a page but nothing happened.Not working.Did I do something wrong? I installed newest wp. Does this only work on old versions of wp. Free plugin I am trying.
    I use flex squeeze theme is that a problem? I am not tech savvy to start with debugging modes etc. I am trying to find a simple, non technical , not complicated pain the butt plugin to simply add watermark. Any help? thanks.

    • You should first check if your server meets the requirements for this plugin. I think your theme shouldn’t be a reason for your problems with watermark.

  6. Hi,
    I have a problem: watermark doesn’t appear on the thumbnails….but I have enabled it for thumbnails…why??
    Can you help me?

  7. how do I watermark already uploaded images, is this possible, or do I have to copy them and reupload? Works great btw.

  8. I’m interested in purchasing your pro version and saw that you were going to add functionality so that the watermark would appear on Featured Images. Can you please tell me if this fix has been added before I purchase?


  9. Plugin doesn’t work on webp images. It only works on png and jpg.
    Do you plan to add support for webp format?

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