Watermark RELOADED Pro

This plugin allows you to watermark your uploaded images. You can create watermark with different fonts and apply it to different image sizes (thumbnail, medium, large, fullsize) and positioning the watermark anywhere on the image.

Watermark RELOADED Pro features:

  • watermark opacity
  • image watermark
  • watermark background color
  • text watermark with outline
  • text watermark with variables
  • upload time option to turn off the watermarking
  • check for other amazing features under Screenshots tab


  • PHP5
  • GD extension for PHP
  • FreeType Library
  1. Upload watermark-reloaded-pro/ to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to Watermark RELOADED Pro settings and enable watermark on desired image sizes

Add desired fonts (*.ttf) for text watermarking to /wp-content/plugins/watermark-reloaded-pro/fonts/ directory.

Eample of watermarked image

Screenshot of settings page for text watermark

Screenshot of settings page for image watermark

Screenshot of dashboard info about watermark

Screenshot of media upload dialog with watermark on/off checkbox

Plugin doesn’t work …

Please specify debug information like:

  • screenshot of Watermark RELOADED settings
  • any error message output (also check in php error.log file)
  • output of your phpinfo()
  • try to diasable other plugins and then check if the plugin works

Error message says that I don’t have GD extension installed

Contact your hosting provider and ask them to enable GD extension for your host, because without GD extension you won’t be able to watermark your images.

Error message says that I don’t have FreeType Library

Contact your hosting provider and ask them to install FreeType Library on your host, without it you won’t be able to make text watermarks.

Is there any way to watermark previously uploaded images?

No there’s no way to watermark previously uploaded images. I plan to implement this feature sometime in the future.


  • Totally rewritten core
  • Added text watermark background
  • Added text watermark outline
  • Added text watermark padding
  • Added image watermark
  • Added upload time watermark on/off toggle
  • Improved many other things


  • Some bugfixes
  • Added text watermark variables


  • Plugin activation bugfixes
  • Plugin options page credentials update
  • Added dashboard with current watermark settings and preview display


  • Fixed potential namespace issues
  • Added new variable %custom_text% for watermarking with custom text at upload time


  • Fixed mime type bug


  • Some bugfixes
  • Resolved some major issues in new WordPress 3.5 media uploader


  • Added file type check, because we need to process only image files
  • Fixed error when there’s no custom image sizes
  • Fixed error with multiple silmultanious files upload


  • Fixed non working watermarking when uploading in Media Library


  • Fixed “Upload New Media” multiupload window bug


  • Fixed issue with dashboard layout


If you want to express your satisfaction with this plugin you can contact me and I will add your logo here.

77 thoughts on “Watermark RELOADED Pro

  1. hi, is this plugin compatible with WordPress multisite…I wanted to know this before making a purchsse..thank you in advance

  2. Hi Sandi

    I want to use Watermark on BuddyPress. Will it work? or is there a buddypress version? Also, can I specify the features I will love to see in the pro version so you build it to my customization?


  3. Hi – I purchased pro version. The watermark is not showing for
    “Featured Images” in posts. So it doesn’t appear on the Blog Archive page nor actually on my post page as the featured image is used by the theme.

    If I insert the image into a post (as opposed to “use as featured image”) then it works no problems. Any ideas.

  4. Hello,

    I have installed the free WP version of this plugin and, because I cannot specify which images I do not want watermarked, I am considering purchasing the Pro version… Just to confirm- you CAN specify which images (upon uploading) you DON’T want watermarked, correct?


  5. Would I have to reupload all of my images or can I de-watermark them witihout reuploading them?

  6. Hello, i bought your watermark pro a few days. Just a feature I would like to request. Would it be possible if I could use different watermarks for different image sizes like a bigger one for full size and a smaller one for the smaller sizes or just apply the watermark to the full size image and for wordpress to resize the images to different sizes after the watermark has been done. At the moment i upload images in full resolution to my blog and the watermark when applied to the full size is just nice but when i look at the large image, the watermark was too big. Thank You

  7. Hi, I am contemplating purchasing the PRO version because I read somewhere in the free release description that watermarking existing images (not having to re-upload) is/will be an enabled feature in the Pro version. I don’t see on this page anything that explicitly mentions that feature, however. Is this in fact a feature of the Pro version?

      • Thanks for the quick reply. If I purchase the Pro now, would the future release with that feature be a free upgrade or am I better off waiting for that release?

        • You can purchase the plugin, that way you will support my work. I’m also working on automatic updates functionality for the plugin, so that is my next TODO. I will notify all buyers about the update by email.

  8. I bought the pro version of this plugin, and it seems to do exactly hat I want…EXCEPT that the watermarks aren’t showing on my images. I use Thesis, and when I choose a Featured Image (which I also use as the Thesis featured image), the watermark isn’t showing up. I think this is because I am calling the uploaded image directly, NOT a thumbnail version, so the watermark isn’t being applied. Can you think of a workaround for this?

  9. Hello,
    I recently purchased the Pro and it works great on all of my images, except the NextGen gallery images/thumbnails. It doesn’t show up on the NG images at all. What might be the problem?

    • Well the problem is that plugin is not meant to work with NextGEN gallery, at least not yet, because NextGEN has it’s own watermarking features.

  10. Hi,
    Can you add the possibility to the textsize to choose between “pt” and “%”?

    Textsize: X % of the imagesize

  11. Hi,

    I want to know if your plugin work with NextGen Gallery and their bulk upload feature?

    I’m developing a site for a photographer and he has lots of photos to publish.


  12. Do you know if your plugin is compatible with Photocrati Theme? They bought out Nextgen, but I don’t know if their galleries are NextGen galleries. Any reports from customers? Thanks!

  13. Everything seems to sound great so far. I see that you plan to build the ability to apply watermarks post-upload and even a feature to adjust the watermark according to media size.

    I’m curious if this plugin works for video uploads. My plan is to hand off the functioning design and allow my client to handle media upload (likely from an iphone). It is critical that video content be protected and I cannot play guardian/editor over every upload…and the client is too tech-averse to handle any manual watermarking.


      • Do you have any plans to extend this to video or is that even feasible? I imagine the effort may be a lot more intense – but perhaps not.

        • Well video watermarking is a good idea, but its complexity depends on how would it work:

          1. if you have your own flash player and you host all of the videos then there would be option to watermark the video itself
          2. if you upload videos to outside services like Youtube, Vimeo, etc. then there would be an option to make a layer on top of flash player and show the watermark
          • maybe one day 🙂 I can’t use outside services (well, I could but you have to pay them a good chunk of change to host video) and my situation requires that each upload not be manually tinkered with – I can already apply nice watermarks using photoshop but that creates a barrier for the client. If you ever get bored enough to find a wild solution I’ll be at the head of the line to throw a bit of cash at you 🙂 I think the image aspect will help nonetheless. Thanks!

  14. We already use the basic version and have done for a while. Does the Pro version allow for picking and choosing which photos receive the watermark prior to posting, or is it an “all or nothing” situation? This is a really important question for us. Thanks so much!

  15. Is it possible to have multiple watermarks, and then I can choose which one to apply when I’m uploading images?

    Watermarks are not applied when I post images from the iOS WordPress app. This is the main time I want the feature – can you fix that?

    • Sadly it’s not possible to have multiple watermarks. You can use variables in your watermark though, maybe that will be close to your needs.

      I’m not sure that I can do anything about iOS app because I do not own any Apple device to test it out.

  16. Will the watermarks remain on the images if i deactivate/uninstall plugin? I try to keep my site with minimum plugins activated to help increase load speed…..

  17. Can this plugin making unique vertical watermark for each image upload like 9gag? For example:
    @kelvin / eappz.eu when i’m the author, @sandi / eappz.eu when you are author who upload the image?

  18. Hi, is it possible apply the watermark to images already uploaded without re upload them by ftp? Can you help me? thanks

  19. Can we set different watermarks for different images? Lets say we have to upload 30 different pictures and we want a different watermark for all of them, can we do that with your plugin. We are ok with uploading them one by one if thats the way to do it

    • Well it all depends what you mean by different watermarks. The plugin supports watermark variables, so you can do watermarks like: Uploaded by [author], etc. but if you need different image watermark, well you can always change watermark settings before uploading new image.

  20. Hi.
    Question 1- This plugin working on WooCommerce?
    Question 2- Is it possible to hide the site address on the product picture ? But if the user download picture, show site address.
    Sorry my english very bad. I used google translate. I hope you understand me.

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